Shameless Promotion – “Skarsgard Fans”

29 10 2014



A bit of a shameless promotion here as the Skarsgard Fans website now has a new admin (cough*me).

After begging and harassing the wonderful site owner, Barbara, I have been approved to humbly help out over there. It’s a very strange (and strangely quiet) time in Skars-land right now. Alexander’s regular TV gig is over and he’s not an actor who actively courts the celebrity lifestyle, so the fandom is rather in limbo. But Skarsgard Fans has been running successfully since January 2009 and we intend to carry on regardless, and hopefully over the coming years to continue to provide fans with all the latest updates and news.

I will be endeavouring to be completely professional and grown-up in all my posting over there as the site is known to a certain person’s management team. Whether I can keep this up long-term, especially when the first shirtless photos of Tarzan finally appear, remains…

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Current Paranormal Book Deals 10/5/14

4 10 2014

More great deals!

Current Contemporary Book Deals 10/5/14

4 10 2014

Some great deals!

Spotlighting Fanfiction: A Story that set the Standard

1 10 2014


fanfiction_bannerThere are some great stories out there in the cyberworld written by fan fiction writers.

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