We Gotta Problem

24 11 2015

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Hello my best buds,

As some of you have already brought to my attention, we’ve got a slight problem over on FFN, specifically in the TB/SVM section.  Apparently, a sad little crusader has decided that it’s her/his job to clean up FFN of all the smuttiness therein.  On the face of it, I’d usually laugh my ass off.  FFN currently hosts tens of thousands of smutty stories, many of which are very dear to our hearts.

But, they’ve opened an account as of November 21st and have started naming names, with particular hatred aimed at me.  I don’t know if we’re dealing with a super-prude, or a Bible thumper, or just someone who has no talent of their own and tears down those that do, but no excuse is viable.

My worry is that if this person succeeds we’ll lose many of the wonderful stories that brought us here in…

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So yeah…this is where my head’s been all day…

7 10 2015

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Swinging on Vines

And I can’t wait to watch you do it, sir…


Is it 2016, yet?


How much longer do we have to wait?!


Yeah, Jane…get some girl!


I’ll just patiently (more or less) wait my turn…


FOR THIS!! (insert Tarzan call here)


I love you Warner Bros!

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One Month to the Mikelson Brothers are BACK!

10 09 2015

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TO 1 Month

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Happy Birthday Alexander Skarsgard!!!!!

25 08 2015

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Disclaimer:  I’m Aussie so it’s August 25th here and therefore already his birthday.  Just an FYI for the email I received ranting that I was a crappy fan if I couldn’t even get his birthday correct.  He was born in 1976 so is therefore 39, not 37 as well, so ner ner.

Today is a glorious day.  Today is our (my) beloved Skarsy’s 39th birthday.

alex birthday 1

Happy Birthday to Thee!

I’ve given you me!

Why you calling the police?

Coz I’m in this tall tree?

vit me


I personally think today should be a global holiday to celebrate but alas, stuffy politicians do not seem to agree.

Discovering this wonderful man, who will become my future husband if I wish hard enough, has been an adventure.  I have met some absolutely fabulous people.  I have discovered some incredibly talented women who daily astound me with what they can do: Kjwrit, California Kat…

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Exchange Sign Ups Reminder

15 06 2015

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SVMTB Fic Exchange

There is one week left to sign up for the exchange. I’m happy to say we have a number of authors already signed up, but I would welcome more. As you can see above, I have created a banner for the exchange, feel free to use it to pimp out the exchange.

You can sign up HERE or send an email to:svmtbficexchange@gmail.com

Queen of Area Five

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Humpday Hotness

17 12 2014

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‘Tis the season…

14 12 2014


Such a Fantastic post!

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For twats!

Umm Eww

I’m speaking of the Anonymous Guest Reviewer over on FFN who thinks it’s okay to shithate, while hiding behind their just as anonymous ISP.

(As an aside to the anonymous shithater who must be checking over here to even know how many new stories I’ve posted, when you refuse to login to shithate, it takes two days for your review to show up, unless I log in and moderate it. Which I didn’t because I don’t care. So, there’s no need for you to shithate TWICE. Wait a couple of days and then you’ll get to enjoy your two day old burn.)

Anywho, I know it’s the season for twats thanks to the above shithater who anonymously shithated on me a few days ago and it put me in mind of this little ditty I penned to Meg via text message two years ago, while I was waiting for my curling…

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