When Plagiarists attack…

22 11 2014

Originally posted on The Drawing Board:

Yes, I am a little late to all this… given the time difference and that pesky need to occasionally sleep and all…

I’d hate for people to think that I am just jumping on the bandwagon here, but in no way did I want anyone to think I was ignoring what has happened in the last day or so…

So… you may remember a couple of months back that I, along with several great authors, were all plagiarised. It was a huge problem as not only had the ‘author’ (and I use that term loosely) Bellaeric27 shamelessly ripped off stories, but when she was caught in the act went on to argue, insult, slander and generally make a huge pain of herself.

Anyway, it was eventually resolved and we were all under the impression that it was over and done with and were happy to move on with our lives despite…

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Avengers Assemble

22 11 2014

Originally posted on A Writer's Corner:


It’s not often in life you feel a sense of injustice that hits close to home. When it does, you have the urge that compels you to do something about it, and that is why I sit here and write this post. There is an  old saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Well, perhaps in this case, it will be the keyboard and a good internet connection…

You may recall a few months ago, I blogged about some of my fellow writer friends that were plagiarized by  a so-called author who goes by the name EricBella27 on Fanfiction.net. Bertie Bott, Kittyinaz and Cuinawen were the ones that I knew personally at the time that had their stories stolen. It was reported from there and we had all thought the situation to be settled. Sadly, it was not. EricBella27 continued to rant on her profile page and slander the authors she blatantly stole from…

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A Call to Arms

22 11 2014

Originally posted on Fanfiction by Bertie Bott:

So ironic that I am actually making a call to arms after having a chapter titled exactly that…

This post is regarding a very sad and shameful state of affairs. You’ll recall that in September I was a victim of plagiarism, along with Kittyinaz, Cuinawen and Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel (Harley). After a whole childish and tangled mess, including abusive pm’s and nasty messages about me and Harley left on her profile page, the thief (BellaEric27) removed the stories to be re-worked. The ladies and I were, not happy exactly, but satisfied. Content to move forward.

BellaEric27, however, was not.

Even with us ignoring her slandering of us in other groups on facebook… ignoring the distasteful notes STILL up on her profile page… BellaEric27 decided to verbally attack Harley through fanfiction.net pm’s. Of the 7 messages received, all on the same day, two are accounts she has listed on her…

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Ugly Love + Nick Bateman= Everything

22 11 2014

Ugly Love + Nick Bateman= Everything.

Shameless Promotion – “Skarsgard Fans”

29 10 2014

Originally posted on ERIC AND SOOKIE LOVERS:


A bit of a shameless promotion here as the Skarsgard Fans website now has a new admin (cough*me).

After begging and harassing the wonderful site owner, Barbara, I have been approved to humbly help out over there. It’s a very strange (and strangely quiet) time in Skars-land right now. Alexander’s regular TV gig is over and he’s not an actor who actively courts the celebrity lifestyle, so the fandom is rather in limbo. But Skarsgard Fans has been running successfully since January 2009 and we intend to carry on regardless, and hopefully over the coming years to continue to provide fans with all the latest updates and news.

I will be endeavouring to be completely professional and grown-up in all my posting over there as the site is known to a certain person’s management team. Whether I can keep this up long-term, especially when the first shirtless photos of Tarzan finally appear, remains…

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Current Paranormal Book Deals 10/5/14

4 10 2014

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Current Contemporary Book Deals 10/5/14

4 10 2014

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